17 February, 2013 14:54


It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single girl in possession of a talent in writing must be in want of an awesome blog to share her talent with others.

This is PandA. PandA is my assistant here at CreativE MoI.
You see, PandA is not like the other pandas, no. PandA does not lie around and eat all day. PandA LOVES to write! That’s why we r partners. So, here on CreativE MoI, PandA and I work on CreativE Moi to make it AwesomE.

     The day that CreativE MoI got started: July 19, 2012

Okay people. This is how my blog is going to work. Now don’t worry that I’m going to talk ur ears off (or type ur eyes out ur choice).

Now ur probably thinking:


So, I’ll cut to the chase (and if u were expecting my life story on here u r most likely a weirdo freak that I don’t like so get out JK >O<) :

This blog is about the Creativity of MOI. But, u guys can also join in on the imagination thing on the   comments!! U see, I’m a writer, and if I’m lucky my first book might come out pretty soon. On here, I’ll show  u lots of things and u can show me how awesome ur writing skills r by leaving a comment! If ur interested,  keep reading. If not, then u can leave here a never come back; I pretty much couldn’t care less (although I would like people to read this…).

The time thing on this blog is somewat messed up. So, if some of the timezones shown on this blog seem strange and weird, then remember: the timezone thingy is somewat messed up. even the date is somewat messed up in a way.

Now I’m just going to let that hang. Also, if for some reason in ur comments, u need to address me by name, u will call me Twill. AND IF ANY OF U KNOW MY REAL NAME U HAD BETTER NOT USE IT OR THE NEXT TIME I SEE U I’LL BE RLY MAD. SO DON’T U DARE ADDRESS ME BY MY REAL NAME OR ELSE.